Are You Pale Enough?

Oh, man. I’ve been sitting up in this house for three days straight (partly because our homeschool co-op is out for the summer and partly because of minor sickness), and it feels like it’s been three days of reading article after article after blog post about this week’s Time Magazine cover. You know – the “Are You Mom Enough?” one.

My poor husband. He’s the one who has had to listen to me about it all. One minute I’m going on about how homeschooling has made me less and less concerned about how other moms raise their kids. (Short of buying them cigarettes for Christmas, right Judd Nelson?) The next minute I’m taking up arms against the lies we are told about being a woman – screaming at us from the grocery store checkout line, in our “mommy groups”, at work, even at church. I have all these great opinions about it, but I don’t feel any better after three days of voicing them. I think I know why.

I haven’t been out in the sun in three days. THREE DAYS. I am pale enough. I’m going out into the sun tomorrow.

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  1. Rock Hudson

    Time is busted for successfully milking the attachment parenting story for lots of publicity. I’m sure that at some point, another magazine will try to go tit-for-tat, and make a boob out of themselves.

    It’s udderly amazing to me that as more people become abreast of the situation, they feel the need to get something off their chest – good or bad.

    Ok, not another nip out of me.

    May 17th, 2012