How to End a Very Nearly Perfect Day

Today was slated to be a Thursday, but it didn’t act like a Thursday.

See, at the beginning of the school year, my friend and I decided to share home school and childcare responsibilities. She was to have my seven-year-old son on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that still left me alone with at least one young kid (my two-year-old son) for over 50 hours per week and at most three young boys (mine two and my friend’s) for over 30 hours per week. So, my husband and I decided to put our two-year-old in “preschool”. My youngest son would be lovingly cared for by not me from 9:30 am until 1:30 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I imagined leisurely strolls through art museums, long, amusing lunches with friends, and trips to Sally Beauty to browse new fingernail polish colors. What I’ve mostly gotten are quick Taco Bell lunches between doctor appointments and long grocery trips. I still love the time, because I am eating a burrito alone, and I am pushing the grocery cart alone. But, there is far too little time in which I have spent those mornings talking with adult friends or lounging in a park. Today, I was to do both!

Only my friend stood me up. < "wah wah" > Oh, don’t worry about my friend feeling “called out” in my blog. This friend doesn’t read my blog. < sucka punch! > But, it was still great, because I had committed to sitting in a new park with nothing but a gas station ham and cheese sandwich (Don’t you judge me! It’s good memories from childhood!) some little oranges, and my phone. I got some sun and some shade, took in some bird noises, and chatted with a couple of friends on my phone. It turned out to be really nice!

Next, I picked up my little one and headed home where he immediately went down for a nap. Then – here comes the good part – I puttered. I puttered around the house. I sent some e-mails, did a few dishes, ate a cookie – all with “Criminal Minds” playing in the background. Two hours later the little tyke was still asleep, so I turned my attention to dinner. Skip to dinner. We had a duo of grilled steaks (Thank you for the terminology, “Top Chef”!): Ahi tuna and T-bone with sides of stir fried broccoli and green onions in peanut sauce and Parmesan risotto-like rice stuff (true chef speak eludes me). We ate it outside on our patio in our swim suits. As the kids were gearing up for the pool – it’s a little 12-foot by 3-foot above-ground one – Jeremiah decided to give me my birthday present a little early…


And, oh yeah, it was on A KINDLE!

So, after a little swim, Jeremiah took the boys and the dishes inside, and I sat out to drip dry and read on my new toy.

Oh, wow. The Kindle is great and all (it IS!), but if you have not heard of this book or know anything about it – well, then I am honored to introduce it to you. It’s Tina Fey’s somewhat biographical book, and it is… it is… the thesaurus cannot give me a special enough word to describe this book’s level of funny. I sat outside reading in the dusk light and laughing so hard that it went flat beyond crying and straight into nausea. Even so, I couldn’t stop laughing. I laughed so hard and so loudly that the neighbor’s dog got very angry. The dog got so angry that it phantom-chased me into my house. I was afraid it would break through the fence and kill me – or worse: destroy my new Kindle.

I have now come into the house to three boys, one large, one medium, and one very small, pressed into our big recliner watching the original Superman movie. And, I get to share it with you, my very special readership of, well, tens of people!

This, brothers and sisters, is the how to end a very nearly perfect day.



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  1. Jad

    Sounds delightful all the way around: parks, sun, steaks, pool, lots of boys. Thanks for sharing.

    May 5th, 2011

  2. yomoma

    I am so glad you had a perfect day. Hope your birthday is even better, my daughter! Yes, I found your Blog again. And I will read every one.

    May 6th, 2011

  3. Beth Daugherity

    This makes me so happy – for you! And for me to read about it. :D Glad you got some “Mama Time” and I am drolling over the “Duo of Steaks and Risotto-type stuff.” Miss you guys. <3

    May 6th, 2011

  4. Thanks, Jad! It’s nice to know you read my blog!
    Momma, I love you.
    Beth, thank you. The steak duo would have been so much more fun with you guys. We miss you tons.

    May 6th, 2011